Does the Type of Drive Unit in Your Car Suggest that You Will Understeer or Oversteer?

No matter what type of drive unit your vehicle has, it will always tend to understeer or oversteer. That is what drivers call the difference in “feel” when moving from a front-wheel-drive car to a rear-wheel-drive vehicle or vice versa. It is the action of the two drives they are mentioning.

When you are driving a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, the power comes from the rear of the car and projects forward in a pushing motion. In a front-wheel-drive car, the energy starts in the front of the vehicle and moves to the rear in a pulling motion. When driving around Arlington, you will notice the difference in every turn.

At 360 SMART CAR, we can explain the difference best through a test drive of the two types of drive units. By teaching the difference, we can help you experience a safe ride.



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