All Kinds of Towing and Payload With the Ford Super Duty

When looking at the Ford Super Duty, one important thing that you need to know is what the vehicle is designed for. This vehicle is designed for some of the heavy work which involves transporting heavy weight. We at 360 SMART CAR are aware of the many different ways that the Super Duty fulfills its design.

One feature of the Super Duty is that you have a selection of methods when it comes to towing. You get the conventional towing in which the Super Duty is the best in class when it comes to capability. There is also the gooseneck towing feature.

When it comes to payload, the Super Duty is also the best in class. As a matter of fact, the GCWR of the Super Duty is 43,300 lbs. This shows that the vehicle is powerful which you will notice right off the bat when you take it for a test drive.



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